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Bokeh with point and shoot !

June 3, 2010

I’ve been posting, a bit randomly, on flickr lately, too, and explored groups for some of the photos. How many dog and cat groups there are ! wow.. the quality of the shots there is .. well, very variable. But I am not criticizing. All those pictures show love. Some are good photos, too. I am experiencing with old and newer photos, some editing and reframing…

So far, I got most comments and views for this shot of a juvenile cow box fish :

From outa.. the sea.

It took a few dozen shots to get this one right in our local aquarium shop, last week,  I actually was after the whole group but they did not want to line up properly for the camera, and – although slow – just kept moving around. Funny little fellas ! Read more…


New “Like” and “Reblog” feature on wordpress – *dislike*

June 3, 2010

So this morning, I went on my laptop, I checked my email, I googled some news I had heard about before and I open
As the english language and writing in particular are part of what this blog will be about, when I see a blog post on freshly pressed that deals with the “evil adverb” and how you should avoid it, I am reading not only the post with great interest but I think that it would be good to add this blog to my blog surfer list ( I don’t have a public blogroll yet, but follow a certain number of blogs). I don’t feel like commenting because English is not my mother tongue so I might not have the same feelings towards adverbs as a native speaker, but it’s intriguing and informative. I like this post.

Hang on..?

What is this, wordpress ?  A “LIKE” feature ??
*dislike* Read more…

The 10 things that keep me from actually posting on wordpress

May 31, 2010

So there. This is the new blog. Not much happening.
And why ? Here are 10 reasons that keep me from actually posting.
It’s annoying. I am really struggling. (in no particular order: )

1. I am not sure if wordpress.COM is the right choice for me.
The idea of this blog was to finally post more general views and thoughts about (my) life in public, and everybody is going on about how AWESOME wordpress is.. especially when you host your blog and use the actual software. seems like a compromise for me to get myself familiar with the whole environment, but I keep coming across things that I canNOT do and I wonder if I should jump immediately over and set up a blog with

2. I keep changing themes
I love the whole part of the set up and design of a blog. I am a visual person and I want people to see that when they come on my blog, but as I am new to wp, I have to tweak and fiddle A LOT with each theme to see if it suits me.
And then again, there are things I simply can do (see 1). So I change again.

3. I keep setting up, and changing widgets
With theme changes, I have to readapt the widgets and I also keep changing my mind about what I want in them.
It’s like a vicious circle, change theme, adjust widgets, change again, re-adjust…

4. The ‘freshly pressed page’
This page is such a source of totally random yet superbly interesting blogs, I keep going back to it, read, sometimes comment, start following a blog, read again.. Explore a blogroll..

5. Self doubt on “interestingness”
At times, I simply wonder if the whole idea of a public blog makes sense to me. Would total strangers like to read my thougths, insights and stories. Why ?..But then, I LOVE to read theirs! Read more…

overwhelming possibilities.. result: zero

May 25, 2010

I am at a point in my life where I have – thankfully ? – more time at my hand than I can apparently handle.
Although my son goes only 2 days to day-care, I certainly should use this time to actually create ‘something’, just DO those things you usually always say you will do ‘when you have some time’. Well, I don’t.

Here is a list of things I want to DO (in no particular order) and as a blog is part of it, I will use it to try and keep track of it, too.

1. Do more with my photos.

I take a ridiculous amount of photos, literally every day, but most of them rot on my hard disk, although I enjoy editing them and would love to share them more and get comments etc, I just never do enough (on flickr) for example to get into some kind of photo community.

2. Keep a blog. Regularly.

Blogs are awesome to keep track of things, to exchange experiences and show whatever it is you create. Or to give your opinion about a subject that is dear to you, or random stuff. I never used a blog that way. I may still have my ‘diary blog’ but I would really like to maintain a blog project that is a little bit more grown up. So there. Read more…