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Wikipedia troll spotting delight – about Annie.. and Miley.

June 9, 2010

I made pancakes today. This isn’t important, but the only reason why I went on Wikipedia to look up baking powder.

I didn’t have any and got the most perfect fluffy pancakes done by separating the eggs and beating the whites into snow! Yum.
But this is not what this post is about.
When I scrolled around in wiki, I found this :

Baking powder - Wikipedia,miley Isn’t that just so delightful ?  I bookmarked the page to see how long it would stay.

Well, I think it is, because although I like my pop sometimes shallow, I am not much of a fan.
I wouldn’t even care much, each to their own, and I actually lived happily without even knowing anything about the girl, and I don’t hate her or something.
If she is successful with her stuff, good on her.

But then there was… the ‘scandal’ about the photo taken by Annie Leibovitz. You remember..? The New York Times - Business - Image -_1276058302575
Now obviously Annie Leibovitz happens to be a photographer who is for decades internationally recognized for intimate, leibovitz_pregnant_demi_moore
often surprising portraits of celebrities, and the whole story about the ‘scandal’ and the ‘manipulation’ of young Miley was such a built up of hypocrisy and stupidities,
that it left me without words at the time. How could that have happened ?
how can a little Disney starlet, after her advisers and guardians consented to the (tame and refreshingly different) portraits of her in a classic, feminine pose, turn around and attack the artist that is Mrs Leibovitz?
I don’t know. When I saw the trolled line, hidden in Wikipedia’s user-edited content, I felt a bit of satisfaction.
This obviously has NOT been posted by some older fan of Annie Leibovitz, most probably not by someone from any conservative or religious camp either.

No, this would be the subversive statement of someone of the target group.
Someone who has noticed, that dancing in tiny school girls uniforms, rubbing on a pole and losing photos in underwear in the internet, is probably more ho-like than
being photographed in a classic pose with a sheet and (only) a nude back. 

Thank you, Wikipedia. Thank you, Generation Y.

All is not lost.

Here a few other of "Annie Leibovitz’ hos" :

  Angelina-Jolie-annie-leibovitz-144305_480_609 83127_detail_1

Almost identical poses for Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway.

leibovitz-armstrongLance Armstrong

(Just discovered this photo, I think it’s totally awesome)




Meryl Streep, Whoopie Goldberg and Bette Middler.celebs

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, 1980  leibovitz_gallery_john-yoko

John Lennon was shot a mere 5 hours after this photograph was taken.








Finally, the Queen posing for Leibovitz in 2007.





All them hos!?







On a sidenote, I was surprised to see that Mrs Leibovitz apparently faced severe financial problems last year and may still be struggling. Odd. I hope she is alright.

All photos by Annie Leibovitz.

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  1. sissadora permalink
    June 10, 2010 19:11

    I have to say I like those photos. I am not much fort artistic nude photography (there’s plenty, and I mean PLENTY, of second-grade female “artistic” nudes on DeviantART), but I do appreciate the human body in all it’s beauty.

    The line between porn and art can be a little vague sometimes, but like in these photos, you can definitely see that there was no fap-fap action intended.

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