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Lightroom 3.0 public beta 2

June 4, 2010

adobe-lightroom-logo I downloaded the free public beta2 for lightroom 3.0. It will stay functional until the rest of June.

Obviously, it’s not it’s only function, but I was interested in the integrated, even preset, photo editing features. (I use Picasa for cataloguing and sorting my photos.)

First impression ?

It has almost the same colour scheme as spotify 🙂 !
Gray shades look just soo smart, don’t they ?

Ok, that’s not very useful information, but this isn’t exactly a professional review. I am just playing around with it.

Well, I never used it before and I got lost right away…
I clicked a bit too hasty in the Library mode, and Lr3 started integrating my entire photo folder, including subfolders – some odd 20.000 files..and crashed. Ooops!  Beta bit unstable maybe.

I shifted a few photos in a folder and played with the presets as recommended by a friend who is using version 2 for quite a while. I modified this photo to ‘creative -direct positive’, I have no idea what this means. I liked the result, but I still swapped the exported creation over to good old (FREE) Photoscape, gave it even deeper colours and some bloom.
It’s a bit like a painting now, I am quite happy with it.

Old man asleep on the train.

oldman-1b [800x600]

He was really very old, I’d say well in his 80s. Funky sunglasses are quite common for the elderly here, he looked so peaceful and the train hadn’t even left the terminus back to the city when he fell asleep. A skilled writer could start a story from here I am sure.


In contrast, here a photo of my son, very awake and happy, after I failed to fix a makeshift pirate eye patch on him.

I also used the ‘direct positive’ preset again, which seems to give it more exposure mainly, but then toned it all down with the Photoscape filter – Film effect Agfa, that give it a sort of retro, slightly yellowish and fading shade.

My first impression of Lightroom ?
It certainly can do stuff, and in finesse, but you already need to know a bit about photography (as in : technical terms) and probably use raw files to get right into it without reading extensive manuals or tutorials.
Of course, while this is a free trial for the month before the commercial version is released, the actual software is rather costly (version 2 is at 299 US$, an upgrade was 99$), so while some of the presets (aged photo, B&W high contrast, low contrast, punch, to name just a few that talk for themselves) are interesting, I am not convinced this is something I’ll break into my piggybank for.

For professional photographers and better equipped and educated amateurs this trial might be of great interest for a possible buy, but I think for me, and anyone on a limited budget, a combined use of Picasa (has excellent, very intuitive editing functions of course), Photoscape and, as well as an occasional return to picnik (still like it, but online editing is just not good for a limited broadband plan like ours).

All free downloads :
Lightroom 3.0 public beta2 Picasa Photoscape Paint.NET

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