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Bokeh with point and shoot !

June 3, 2010

I’ve been posting, a bit randomly, on flickr lately, too, and explored groups for some of the photos. How many dog and cat groups there are ! wow.. the quality of the shots there is .. well, very variable. But I am not criticizing. All those pictures show love. Some are good photos, too. I am experiencing with old and newer photos, some editing and reframing…

So far, I got most comments and views for this shot of a juvenile cow box fish :

From outa.. the sea.

It took a few dozen shots to get this one right in our local aquarium shop, last week,  I actually was after the whole group but they did not want to line up properly for the camera, and – although slow – just kept moving around. Funny little fellas !

The exercise also had me realize once more the limits of my little ixus75, but there you go, I sort of have to ‘make do’ with what I have and I also believe, that it’s not the equipment that makes the photographer – just like it ain’t the guitar that will make you play the blues.. but that’s more a personal sidenote..

I got two “awards” after being invited in a bilingual spanish/english group 🙂
(what is it with the awards on flickr.. when did that start?), but my favorite comment is this one by dotnetsensei (thank you!)

“This looks so much like a cartoon character. It’s beautiful yet it makes me laugh. The texture on the fish, the eyes, the sharpness, the buttery smooth bokeh… very nicely done.”

Bokeh! …Really ?! I still haven’t fully understood when a blurry background is bokeh (or not) but I like this comment because it has everything : a first impression of the shot, the feelings it provokes and he compliments the technical execution.
That’s what I call a quality comment.
Yes, even on flickr, comment is not comment.

Oh, and I am also thinking that I am ‘onto something’ with my dynamic gallery flickr widget thingy. I might explain it at some point, here or in the forum, if people are interested.

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  1. sissadora permalink
    June 5, 2010 07:10

    Aagh, this critter looks too cute 🙂 Definitely a different kind of pet, I’d say!

    How long have you been into photography?

  2. June 5, 2010 09:07

    They’re one of a kind, I have a picture of an adult specimen in flickr.

    I think you could say that I was ‘into’ photography since I was born, my mother was a photographer by profession, she never went freelance but worked in the industry all her life.
    I always considered it just as a hobby, and the outcome were more lucky snapshots.
    For the last 2 years though, I have been trying to make ‘better’ photos, look for more interesting motives etc. I still point and shoot mostly, but I enjoy photo editing and sometimes I think I manage a good shot 🙂
    The important thing is trying, I guess, and more trying. You learn as you go.
    Digital cameras, the internet, there are soo many possibilities for a photographer of any level, any equipment or interest. I think it’s fascinating and fun and I want to do more with it. Hence this blog. .. I think! lol

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