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The 10 things that keep me from actually posting on wordpress

May 31, 2010

So there. This is the new blog. Not much happening.
And why ? Here are 10 reasons that keep me from actually posting.
It’s annoying. I am really struggling. (in no particular order: )

1. I am not sure if wordpress.COM is the right choice for me.
The idea of this blog was to finally post more general views and thoughts about (my) life in public, and everybody is going on about how AWESOME wordpress is.. especially when you host your blog and use the actual software. seems like a compromise for me to get myself familiar with the whole environment, but I keep coming across things that I canNOT do and I wonder if I should jump immediately over and set up a blog with

2. I keep changing themes
I love the whole part of the set up and design of a blog. I am a visual person and I want people to see that when they come on my blog, but as I am new to wp, I have to tweak and fiddle A LOT with each theme to see if it suits me.
And then again, there are things I simply can do (see 1). So I change again.

3. I keep setting up, and changing widgets
With theme changes, I have to readapt the widgets and I also keep changing my mind about what I want in them.
It’s like a vicious circle, change theme, adjust widgets, change again, re-adjust…

4. The ‘freshly pressed page’
This page is such a source of totally random yet superbly interesting blogs, I keep going back to it, read, sometimes comment, start following a blog, read again.. Explore a blogroll..

5. Self doubt on “interestingness”
At times, I simply wonder if the whole idea of a public blog makes sense to me. Would total strangers like to read my thougths, insights and stories. Why ?..But then, I LOVE to read theirs!

6. Life things
Real life is extremely distracting, with the good and the bad things happening, and a 4yo with the nickname ‘tornado boy’ orbiting around if I try to type in the daytime at most days. I need a minimum of focus and time to gather my thoughts and write in English. I might have to schedule my writing on kindy days or a set time at night.

7. Other online projects/presences
So I have this other blogthing, going for a long time, it’s more a diary, it helps me cope with the bad things and I don’t feel silly to gush about the good stuff. I have a family flickr account (27 photos of the todd with his awesome fireman helmet are just not interesting for the general public) and had a special blog for my mom linked with this (she can’t read it anymore, sadly). I set up a new flickr account for my other photos and like to surf in the groups..A lot. Then there is.. facebook. It’s such a timewaster, and the whole privacy issue is increasingly annoying.. but I still like some functionality and it allows me to stalk some of my friends, so I keep going back. (I should quit really, but we’re all addicted..)
Oh, and I think tumblr is great for a very specific form of blogging and I keep playing around with it too.. Just too many possibilities.

8. Privacy issues
I want to blog about my LIFE but there are certain things I do NOT want to share with random strangers. The limit is sort of difficult to define. How do people need even WANT to know about me? When I read other blogs, I sometimes wonder about how some seem to limit their ‘about’ page to really just a bare minimum, while others put it all out there, mugshots of the whole family included. I guess it depends a lot on the blog content how much I like to know, and we are curious by nature, but I think I must respect the people that ARE in my life and whether or not they want to be featured in my stories. And it’s not hard to figure that out for my husband (“see? facebook is the devil”), more difficult when it come to my 4yo (I am often amazed how much mommy bloggers spill about their kids..those kids grow up, you know.. and they WILL read it one day..). The dogs are ok with me posting about them, so there is that.

9. No readers
I am not this kind of person who is blogging for a flock of friends. Actually, only some people in my life know I am blogging, even less where, and only a very select few reads it. I LIKE blogging for strangers, but blogging for no one is a little bit frustrating.
Obviously, the first rule on any blogging platform is that unless you blog about something really specific and super interesting for many, you need to connect with people and comment. Read to be read. It’s normal, it’s ok. But it’s hard to start off.

10. Style of blog
So, I had these different blog projects that concerned different parts of my life. If I was this superorganized internet person, which I am not, I should, given the time I have, be able to blog in parallel projects at the same time. But I am not. I know I can’t do that.
So…what IS this blog about ?.. I think this deserves it’s own post.
Hm, yes.

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  1. June 1, 2010 13:29

    I think you speak for thousands of bloggers out there myself included. I went through dozens of themes, blog names and domain names until I found something unique and I’m still uncertain about my bog even after two years. But from what I can see your blog looks great, catchy phrases, colourful and def good pictures.

    • June 2, 2010 14:24

      thanks, i am still figuring it out .. but I am forcing myself to keep track even of that process.. well, by blogging about it. 🙂

  2. June 3, 2010 01:05

    As for your self doubts about your “interestingness”, it helps a lot to be ego-maniacal. Just assume you’re interesting.

    • sissadora permalink
      June 3, 2010 12:54

      Ego-manicalness (is that even a word?) definitely helps, as well as writing informative posts, and those awesome pictures of kaykay’s. 🙂

      Too bad I can’t comment on them through WP but need a separate Flickr account. *pout*

  3. June 4, 2010 14:17

    I looked it up. It would be egomania, and it’s a bit more than just a good dose of self-confidence, lol. so let’s just say I AM interesting 😉 and my blog could be, too.
    My flickr account is a free one too at the moment.
    There are some restrictions, but it’s worth signing up if you do any photography
    (I will see if I find my deviant art account back though..).
    I think it goes without saying that you can always comment on them here.

  4. July 21, 2010 21:13

    I’m with you on the readers bit… I have an anonymous blog and well it’s hard for me to post sometimes cuz I feel as if no one reads but then again I’m not really blogging for readers or comments but actually for myself except knowing someone reads kinda validates my blogging.. oh well. lol!

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