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overwhelming possibilities.. result: zero

May 25, 2010

I am at a point in my life where I have – thankfully ? – more time at my hand than I can apparently handle.
Although my son goes only 2 days to day-care, I certainly should use this time to actually create ‘something’, just DO those things you usually always say you will do ‘when you have some time’. Well, I don’t.

Here is a list of things I want to DO (in no particular order) and as a blog is part of it, I will use it to try and keep track of it, too.

1. Do more with my photos.

I take a ridiculous amount of photos, literally every day, but most of them rot on my hard disk, although I enjoy editing them and would love to share them more and get comments etc, I just never do enough (on flickr) for example to get into some kind of photo community.

2. Keep a blog. Regularly.

Blogs are awesome to keep track of things, to exchange experiences and show whatever it is you create. Or to give your opinion about a subject that is dear to you, or random stuff. I never used a blog that way. I may still have my ‘diary blog’ but I would really like to maintain a blog project that is a little bit more grown up. So there.

3. Write down my story.

My life has been a ridiculously rough and dangerous ride on a rollercoaster before I finally settled into the (almost) picturesque life in an Australian suburb. I don’t intent to write about all that in this blog but ‘about writing’ it down.
If I could tell it all and would manage to write in a way that would interest readers, I know it would be worth a book.
I don’t know if I really want that, and probably not yet, but I would like to explore and research that idea a little. And write.

4. Clean up that messy house.

As it is, I am now a housewife, and I quite like it, most of the times. I may or may not work again soon, it’s ok, no rush. But I am not happy with the way the house looks and I want to seriously change it, before it becomes this unsurmountable task, and we will start moving with boxes full of stuff that nobody needs or care for.

5. Use the internet for me. Not against me.

I am overwhelmed by the internet. I have been ever since I started surfing back in, what, the end of the 90s, at a work computer. I will waste incredible amounts of time reading stuff that has nothing to do with my life, looking at funny, yucky, or barely interesting pictures, I will try out sites and softwares just out of girly geek curiosity. But apart from filling up my head, I want to make USE of stuff I read, see and learn online more than I have so far, and I feel I am not doing that at all.

I am a person who has problems with decision taking (a learned condition), i am relatively messy (my paperwork as well as my hard disk) and I have problems to go to the end of a project.
On the other hand, I believe I am not dumb (getting dumber though), creative and have insights on certain aspects of life that could interest, even help others.
I am not unhappy in this utterly unproductive state i live in, I mean I am a mother and a wife, it’s not like I am bored, but I think I should try to do something about it.

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